What we do


We invest in companies with clear differentiation and plans to establish customer relationships generating cash flow.


We have grown management teams, boards and customer relationships across many sectors and in several countries. We advise early stage leaders on their journey to achieve their goals.


 We are technologist with hands on experience in product development, market assessments and sales. Our due diligence considers both the aspiration and practical aspects of building businesses.


Ward Hills an active Non-Executive Director for a number of high-growth companies, providing governance and strategic perspective.

Who we work with


The best way to get in contact is via email or twitter.

First, please read the summary of my criteria for working with new companies:

  • Clear differentiation in value proposition, technology and team
  • Defined and measured steps to customer acquisition, product delivery and cash generation
  • Documented financial model with cash flow and margin expectations
  • Clear objectives and justifications for future product development activities
  • Key management that has experience in the marketplace, ideally as a customer
  • The market is more than 1000x the product development cost
  • Business to Business