Makespace Cambridge

Makespace Cambridge Limited is a community workshop. It is volunteer run, a hackspace, a makerspace, a meeting place, and educational venue.

Makespace was created by groups of enthusiasts as an accessible workspace filled with tools to make and play in an environment that encourages learning. Since its launch in 2013 Makespace has attracted 1,000 members drawn from all sectors of the Cambridge community to its workshops for metal, wood, textiles, printing, glass, electronics and digital tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters and CNC mills. Local business and artists have begun using Makespace as a resource;creating costumes and fashion, testing software and prototyping new designs for applications as diverse as transportation, health,gaming, science or sustainable energy.

It is also a place to discover skills. Different disciplines making things within sight of each other means interaction is inevitable. Members teach each other about techniques and tools. Indeed, because Makespace is run by volunteers it is the members who train other members on the various tools that populate the workshops. Volunteer members organise and deliver training, talks, and public meetings each week. In the five years of Makespace there have been over 11,000 attendances at talks and training events.

Life long learning will be key for economic prosperity and competitiveness. Makespace is quickly becoming a place where regional business finds needed talent, explores new ideas and keep staff trained on new technologies.

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